You don’t have to be lonely in a crowded room

It takes a Village to raise a child, we can help you build it!

What is a solo mom?

A mom who does the majority of the parenting alone, even if she’s married.

Are you married to:

Are you:

You're a Solo Mom!


2020 has taken its toll on our economy, our mental health, and our social systems. It has highlighted like never before, our need for community, and people who understand us. We mothers have felt the stress of working and schooling from home and the strain of loneliness. Last year we saw a 30% increase in depression with women (especially mothers) demonstrating higher rates than men. Are you lonely and scared to reach out? Loneliness affects anyone subject to exclusion, and as a Solo mom, you have probably felt this way long before COVID: overlooked and misunderstood. 

We encourage mothers who regularly parent solo through individual and small group coaching, community building workshops, and peer masterminds. 

Grounded in the Christian faith, we you create sustainable support systems, empowering you to build a joyful and stable life for yourself and your children, contributing to a healthier society in the future.


Hi! I'm Jess,

Once upon a time, I was like you: surviving, but isolated and lonely, numbing out on Netflix and chocolate. Without a strong sense of community or resources, I was not doing a great job of parenting my children or taking care of myself. Sick of hearing people talk about doing life together, I decided to figure out how to actually BE in community.

Fast forward a few years, many adventures and hard lessons. I have gone from lonely, to knowing that no matter what, I have people who love and support me; from overlooked, to truly seen, and from not having any boundaries, to knowing how and when to stand up for myself and my children. During this journey I have gained certification in Mental Health Coaching from the AACC, and realized that I had actually been creating and impacting communities around me for years. Through my work in dog training, teaching ESL, and interior design based on human psychology, as well as from the school of hard knocks, I have picked up strategies and techniques that I now use to help you on your own solo-motherhood journey.



I want a place to be real!

You want a place where you can take off the mask and share your story; where you are surrounded by other women tired of the façade and willing to be vulnerable.

I need to talk!

You’re so lonely you want to scream! You need someone to hold space while you vent, cry, and complain. Then you want them to help you up and direct you where to go from there.

I need help!

You know you need a Village, you just don’t know HOW to build one! You’re tired of hearing how you should, “just show up,” as if that was enough to jump start a community. You want real, gritty, actionable steps to take!

I want accountability!

You want to learn how to build community IN community. You need accountability and the love and compassion of a group as you walk this journey of Solo Motherhood. You want to commit to a small group of women who have each other’s backs

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What Client's Have Said

"I’ve had a few people who listen and support me, but Jess is the first person who understands, supports, and is an always current source of fully applicable Biblical encouragement and dialogue. Thank you!!"
Heather D.
"Jess reached out to me and made me feel so welcome!! She took the time to listen and validate me and offer encouragement."
Erica M.
"Jess didn’t know at the time, but I was feeling very lonely and unloved and overwhelmed. She sought me out and reached out to me. She continues to try to include each of us and I appreciate that so much."
Heather T.
"Jessica, God bless you for having a big heart, we have never met physically, but even with continents between us, you reached out, when I was at my lowest, and made me feel loved and validated."
Faith M.